Abrasion resistant pipe

Abrasion resistant pipes including basalt and ceramic pipe lining elbows, fittings, lined pipe basalt and ceramic parts, abrasion resistance basalt. Abrasion resistance of pipes depends upon the Brinell Hardness No. of pipe. Most abrasion resistant pipe options operate on the premise that when two objects meet, the harder object wins.

Ceramic Composite Wear Parts

Wear resistant ceramic lining is AL203 as the main material, with rare metal oxide as solvent, after more than 1700℃ high temperature roasting to special ceramic, embedded into rubber, polyurethane or mild steel for the purpose of low to moderate impact and highly abrasive sliding application.
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Wear Resistant Ceramic Lined Pipe Fitting

These ceramic lined pipes are to affix with the abrasion resistant alumina ceramic tiles into the inner wall of the seamless carbon steel pipes with strong high temperature resistant adhesive, thus form a firm abrasion resistant layer.
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Wear-resistant ceramic lined pipes

Wear-resistant ceramic lined pipes are mainly used to resist the damage to the pipes caused by the scouring and wear of the mixed airflow, prevent the mixed airflow from leaking and polluting the environment due to wear and tear, and greatly prolong the service life of the pipes.
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