Ceramic Composite Wear Parts

Wear resistant ceramic lining is AL203 as the main material, with rare metal oxide as solvent, after more than 1700℃ high temperature roasting to special ceramic, embedded into rubber, polyurethane or mild steel for the purpose of low to moderate impact and highly abrasive sliding application.

Alumina Ceramic tile and lining: Vulcanized in special rubber, the ceramic lining can conveniently be fixed on components of systems where serious wearing occurs, and highly temperature and impact as well.

Direct lined ceramic liner: Adopting high purity alumina powder as materials, ceramic tiles have excellent characteristics of high hardness, superior wear abrasion resistance, amazing impact resistant ability, smooth surface, outstanding dimensional stability, low density and convenient assembly in practice.

Ceramic and rubber composite with steel plate: Those special shaped ceramics are vulcanized in special high temperature resistant rubber and mechanically affixed on armor plate to form synthetic linings which can conveniently screw onto the systems.

Alumina ceramic and rubber lining: The small tiles of ceramics are vulcanized in special rubber and bonded on the internal of systems, and mechanical fixing is feasible as well.

Alumina ceramic and rubber composite lining: Small tiles are vulcanized in special rubber and bonded on armor plate of equipment by strength bond to form wear resistant layer characterized by wear and impact resistance. It is the rubber and composite mats.

Wear Resistant Ceramic lined Pipe: Distinguished from centrifugal cast compound ceramic pipe (SHS), the tiles used in integral abrasion ceramic pipes (RHS) are the same as bonded ceramic tiles. The exclusive feature of this item is its inner smooth surface and excellent wear resistance performance that is particularly suitable for ash or slag removing system.  

Mainly the item provides a terminal solution for the extreme wearing problems of the thermal power, metallurgy, steel, coal, cement, chemical industry in which the elbow/bend or pipe component of system is seriously under abrasion or corrosion, especially for the corrosion and wearing of pipes in chemical and smelt industry.  

Hundreds of our customers have proved the ceramic lined pipes can prolong the lifetime of system at 10 times than normal steel pipes. Consequently, its low friction factor decreases the abrasion while materials are transferring through conveying system. Adopting the advanced technology of Integrated Design, the pipe has excellent sealability. Pipe with Integrated Abrasion-resistant ceramic can be applied to pneumatic conveying systems to transport all kinds of abrasive and corrosive materials. 

Ceramic Tile compared to AR-400 & SS-300

  >Wear Resistance (Sliding Abrasion)

   Ceramic is 3 to 5 times more wear resistant than AR-400

   Ceramic is 5 to 6 times more wear resistant than SS-300


   Ceramic is 5 times harder than AR-400

   Ceramic is 7 times harder than Stainless 300 Series