5 Uses for steel in construction

5 Uses for steel in construction

Steel is the basis of modern civilisations. It is used for just about every structural purpose, from houses to machines, tools to roofing. In the construction role, steel is the basis of design for skyscrapers and modern housing.

How Steel Is Used in the World of Construction

Steel is at the core of construction in the housing industry.

The main uses of steel in construction are:

Steel frames: Steel frames are the high-end structural components of modern housing and building design. These very strong frames are able to manage huge loads and cover large areas cost-effectively. Modern CAD design using universal beams allows beams to be designed precisely, including everything from loads and stresses to dimensions and positioning. Steel frames are an ongoing revolution in construction, constantly pushing the limits and allowing for bigger and taller buildings and better quality of construction.

Prefabricated steel: Modern steel prefabrication can deliver a wide range of construction solutions that are custom made to your design specifications. Precision cutting, welding and high-quality steel are a winning combination in these demanding roles. Whether you’re building a trailer, house or even a shopping centre, prefabrication is the new, cost-efficient approach to traditional construction.

Roofing: The humble metal roof now offers a whole range of new advantages. Better steel manufacturing, the protection of our combined with modern colours and better cost-efficiencies have kept steel roofing as a preferred option. In the domestic market, steel roofing is now an architectural fashion statement, offering a chance to redesign your home and add an upper level on a good cost base. Modern steel roofing can deliver excellent value in terms of space, product life, looks, reliability and even energy saving.

Outbuildings: Steel outbuildings are creating a new species of outbuildings that are much more elegant and affordable than their predecessors. Universal beams and universal columns make building a lot easier than with timber frames. These high-quality buildings are springing up all over Australia, partly because of better costs but mainly because of tremendous flexibility in design.

Custom building: In Chinese very competitive construction industry, cost and custom design options are drivers for demand. Steel is the best option in many custom design scenarios. A steel design can be literally anything. If you’ve got the beams and columns, you can design a palace and cost it to the last cent. The flexible range of modern steel designs means fabulous choices for modern homes, extensions, renovations and much more.