Integral formed wear-resistant ceramic steel pipe

Integral shaped ceramic steel pipes, also known as one-piece ceramic pipes, are assembled by firing the wear-resistant ceramic pipe fittings as a whole and pouring them into the steel pipe with special fillers. The pipeline has a smooth inner wall, good airtightness, and good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Product features of integrally formed wear-resistant ceramic steel pipe
Wear resistance: it is 10 times more wear-resistant than ordinary pipes under the same conditions.
Corrosion resistance: seamless ceramic tube lining and inorganic adhesive can resist acid and alkali corrosion;
High temperature resistance: It can operate at 750°C for long time, which can meet most of the working conditions;
Anti-scouring: It can resist the erosion of larger particles without breaking;
Smooth inner and outer walls, unobstructed air flow: the smooth surface allows materials to pass freely without material hanging and blocking;
Easy to install: 1/3 lighter than ordinary pipes, easy to handle, saving manpower, easier and faster to install, and easy to erect higher pipes;
Reduce the load of support and hanger equipment and save material costs;
Reduce maintenance: The super abrasion resistance greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance and saves costs and labor.