C10200 Cold Drawn Low Fin Tube Seamless Copper With Integral

Low finned tubes are a reliable solution for controlling the temperature of gases and liquids, or for evaporating and condensing refrigerants. Thanks to their larger heat transfer surface area, they offer considerable potential to save in terms of materials and fill volumes, especially applicable to air and other gases on the fin-side and a fluid on the tube-side. Applied in heat exchanger for oil refinery and petrochemical plants, condenser and heat exchanger for petrochemical plants, condenser & evaporator for power plants,

To serve you more efficiently, please send us your specific enquiry, please indicate following details:

  • Fin Tube Material
  • Outside Diameter
  • Wall Thickness below finned portion
  • No of Fins Per Inch
  • Overall Length of Tube
  • Length of Plain Tube at Both Ends
  • Total Quantity Required
  • Shipping Items


NameExtruded Fin Tube Machine;Low Fin Tube MachineBrand/Mode No  Reliance/ Mode No:1118
Tube Material1. Seamless steel tubes(CS,SS,AS)2. Welded steel tubes(CS,SS)3. Copper/Brass/Brone4. Titanium5. Aluminum alloyPopular FinsMaterial  1. Alu.1060-F, Alu. 1060-H14, Alu. 1100      Alu. 6063-O  2. Copper

General Description of Extruded finning machine.

1. Extrusion machine mode No: Reliance-1118(Our internal design No.)

2. Extrusion equipment power output: 380V/50HZ (Chinese Standard).

3. The motors of export extrusion finning machine are supplied upon clients’ requests.

One complete set of Extruded Finning Machine consisting  following:

1. Finning head

2. Cooling systems for finning head

3. Finning input racks

4. Finning output racks

5. Extrusion tooling disks(knives) in groups

6. Technical know-how(Operation Manual in English)