Microcrystalline cast basalt

Microcrystalline cast basalt is a new kind of crystal silicate material, is one of the great achievements in the field of glass processing. It uses blast furnace slag, diabase and basalt as main raw materials, mixing with silica sand and the right amount of nucleation agent, after melting, forming and crystallization, made into a kind of micro crystalline materials. microcrystalline cast basalt not only has the property of abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, also has high compression, flexural resistance, impact resistant, anti heat resistance, etc. Microcrystalline cast basalt tile thickness can be up to the thinnest 10 mm, its appearance is smooth, and thickness is uniform.

Microcrystalline cast basalt is mainly used in metallurgy, coal, electric power, chemical industry, building materials and other industrial departments of wear-resisting, corrosion engineering. Especially, microcrystalline cast basalt lined in swirler, coal bin, coal storage bin, chute, coal hopper, hopper, etc equipments, greatly prolong the service life and maintenance cycle. Since microcrystalline cast basalt tile is thinner than common tiles, so it’s convenient for construction and installation, and greatly reduces the weight capacity of the equipment.

Rolling microcrystal specifications and features:

  • Rolling microcrystal’s main varieties: decorative panel, industrial sheet metal
  • Main colors: pearl black, agate red, ivory white
  • tile specification:thickness:10mm-20mm
  • length:random length width:800mm
  • Characteristic:higher abrasive resistance,corrosion resistance,impact strength,thin thickness, smooth surface, big size, cut, construction convenient,greenery, free of radiation, free of dirt, high brightness.

Microlite cast basalt plates in industry:

Performance evaluationTest value
Density g/cm32.72
Wear loss g/cm20.03
Cold-resistance and heat-resistance38/50
Impact strength KJ/M25.5
Bending strength MPA70.5
Compression strength MPA902
Sulfuri acid solution 20%m/m98.1
Sodium hydroxide solution 20%m/m98.5