Alumina lining

Alumina Lining is a wear-resistant ceramic tube with good acid and alkali resistance, which is mostly used in ash removal, dust removal and vulcanization systems in cement, electric power, coal chemical and other industries. Its impact resistance and high temperature resistance are also very good, so it is not easy to crack and peel. It is widely used, and can customize various regular tees, oblique tees, equal diameter tees, special-shaped tees, etc. Besides the advantages of product itself, our company also has lots of advantages. We have been in this industry for many years, gaining rich experience and advanced technology. We always put customers in the first place, so take a look at our product, you won’t feel disappointed.


Alumina Lining not only has excellent wear resistance and high temperature resistance, but also has good toughness, excellent impact resistance and good corrosion resistance, which make it able to withstand a lot of pressure and not easily to be corroded. Within a certain temperature and concentration range, it can almost be said to be resistant to various corrosive media (acids, alkalis, salts) and organic media, so it can be used where corrosion resistance is required. The product is easy to install, it has good performance and can be welded, so compared with other pipes, the alumina-lined tee composite material has a long service life and outstanding cost performance.


It is suitable for material transportation pipelines with severe wear and erosion, such as mine filler, concentrate, tailings transportation, coal-fired thermal power plants supplying powder, coal powder, ash and slag transportation, slag removal, sulfur removal, dust removal and other pipelines. Water in the cement industry Slag quenching, blast furnace coal injection, steelmaking red mud, sintered white ash, dust removal pipeline, raw meal, clinker, cement, pulverized coal, dust removal, etc.

Technical parameters

Mohs’ hardness9
Water Absorption (%)≤0.02

Testing equipment includes:

Testing equipmentTesting purpose
Rockwell hardness testermeasuring the hardness of ceramics
Sandblasting testing machinemeasuring ceramic abrasion
Universal material testing machinemeasuring the compressive strength of ceramics
MicroscopePorosity Analysis of Ceramic Surface
Universal material testing machinemeasuring the compressive strength of ceramics
Tensile testing machineTensile testing
Density meterceramic density analyzer
Impact testing machineceramic compressive strength test


Q:Which industries are your products used in?

A:Our products are widely used in steel, thermal power, cement, port, coal, mineral processing, chemical industry, machinery, concrete construction machinery, lithium battery and other industries.

Q:Does your product have warranty service? How long is the warranty period?

A:All products have warranty service, the warranty is one year, and the service life is 5-8 years according to the working conditions

Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We are a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of wear-resistant ceramic pipes, wear-resistant ceramic liners, and ceramic linings for various equipment.

Q: Do you provide samples? Is it free?

A: If the value of the sample is low, we will provide it for free, but the freight needs to be paid by the customer. But for some high-value samples, we need to charge a fee.

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: T/T 30% as the deposit,The balance payment is paid in full before shipment

Q: How long is your delivery time?

A: The delivery time of customized products is generally 25-35 days, and non-customized products are generally shipped within 24 hours after payment.

Q: What is your transportation service?

A: We can provide vessel booking, customs declaration, transportation document preparation and bulk shipping services at the port.