Integral 3.0mm Low Fin Tube Corrosion Resistant For Heat Exchanger

Water to Air Copper Heat Exchanger often called duct coils or furnace radiators, are used for installing a forced air furnace to provide heat from hot water. They are usually installed into the cold air side of the furnace. They work in much the same way as the central air conditioning unit. These copper heat exchanger can also be used as a stand alone heat source by simply attaching a fan or squirrel cage to one side of the unit.Water to Air Copper Heat Exchanger can be installed in either the hot air side or the cold air return of a furnace. Please note that if installed in the cold air return you will need to install a 3 way zone valve in order for the fan to operate properly.

Manufacturing process: The fins are rolled out of outer wall of the plain tubes by a pass roller. Tubes and fins are in same piece tube. We call it “N” fin type.

Delivery of Low Fin Tubes
We can provide the integral low fin tubes with un-finned section gaps( 5mm Min.) in the middle of core tube OR bent with designed Bend Radius.

Quality Test:
The integral low fin tube quality is assured by hydrostatic or pneumatic tests, eddy current tests & MARCO tests in order to verify design specifications.
Acceptance ceritia:

Delivery condition:
Tube ends are square cut, free burrs, internally dried and air blown clean, externally coated with varnish.
The desiccants are put into the each package for continental transportation.

​The Integral Low Finned Tubes find the preference in the following industrial sectors:

Heating systems
Ventilation systems
Refrigeration and climate control systems
Mechanical engineering
Automotive manufacturing
Chemicals and pertrochemical and power plant technology