High Quality Wear Resistant Ceramics

High quality wear resistant ceramics are special corundum made of Al₂O₃ as the main raw material, rare metal oxides as the flux, and fired at a high temperature of 1700°C.

We produce high quality wear resistant ceramics, the main types are 99% bulletproof ceramics, diamond-shaped ceramics, special-shaped ceramic blocks, wear-resistant ceramic blocks with grooves, trapezoidal ceramics, diamond-shaped ceramics, cylindrical ceramic rings, L-shaped ceramics, etc., all models can be customized according to customer requirements.

Alumina Bulletproof Ceramic Sheet: Alumina ceramic material is an important part of bulletproof materials. It has high hardness and wears resistance, high compressive strength, and excellent ballistic performance under high stress.

Technical indicators

Technical parameters: Alumina content ≥99%, density ≥3.88g/cm3, hardness>1500 (HV5), flexural strength>350MPA, impact toughness ≥2.2J/cm², elastic modulus>320GPA.

Product Features

With good wear resistance and impact resistance, the use of high quality wear resistant ceramics can help customers extend the service life of the equipment and reduce unnecessary maintenance costs.

99% alumina ballistic ceramic sheet has high hardness and wear resistance, high compressive strength, and excellent ballistic performance under high stress. It has high mechanical properties, especially fracture toughness, and resists the firing of bullets. Alumina ceramics are very suitable as bulletproof ceramics.

Technical parameters

Content of alumina≥92%≥95%
Density≥3.6 g/cm3>3.8g/cm3
Rockwell A hardness≥82HRA≥85HRA
Impact strength≥1200 MPA≥1500 MPA
Fracture toughness≥3.8MPa·m1/2≥4.0MPa·m1/2
Vickers hardness≥1150HV10≥1200HV10
Bending Strength≥290MPa≥330MPa

Product Specifications

The size of the ceramic patch is 150×150, 300×300, 500x500mm, etc. (the alumina ceramic sheet is selected by the customer according to the actual needs)

Hexagonal mosaic size: 12mmx3mm, 12mmx6mm, 12mmx12mm, etc.

Square mosaic size (L*W*H): 10x10x2mm, 10x10x3mm, 10x10x4mm, 10x10x8mm, 17.5×17.5x10mm, 20x20x4mm, 20x20x5mm, 20x20x6mm, 20x20x8mm, 20x20x10mm, etc.

Rectangular mosaic size (L*W*H): 15x30x3mm, 30x60x6mm, etc.

The material behind the patch: self-adhesive, acetate cloth, transparent glue, nylon mesh, etc. (Thousands of specifications can be customized)

Company Profile

Yibeinuo New Material is a national high-tech manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, and technical services in domestic wear-resistant ceramics. It has a certain influence on the domestic wear-resistant industry. Its products are widely used in steel, cement, coal, and ports. , Chemical, lithium battery, mineral processing, construction machinery, and other industries, are exported to Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Europe, the United States, and other countries, and are well received by users at home and abroad!

Our Advantage

1. The factory is a manufacturing enterprise, dedicated to the production, design, and research, and development of wear-resistant ceramics for 15 years

2. Years of practical experience in the industry can provide the best anti-wear design scheme for enterprise equipment

3. The perfect after-sales service system makes customers worry-free

4. The manufacturing process conforms to the ISO9001 standard.

5. We can provide free samples for customers and deliver them within 24 hours

6. Fast delivery time is 25-30 days

7. Provide OEM and buyer labeling services.

8. Provide high quality, competitive price, excellent service, and wear-resistant ceramic technology solutions.