Ceramic tile Lined Pipe Elbows

The ceramic tile lined pipe elbows is a kind of high temperature resistant inorganic adhesive that adheres alumina ceramics to the inner wall of the pipe, and forms a firm wear-resistant layer after heating and curing.The ceramic lined elbow has the characteristics of high wear resistance, long service life, convenient installation and significant economic benefits. It is used in steel, cement, metallurgy, thermal power and mining industries to transport pulverized coal, ash, mud, etc.

The ceramic patch of the ceramic lined pipe elbows adopts a misaligned design. The ceramic is pasted on the metal surface with a strong adhesive, and a 360° mechanical self-locking force is formed between the ceramic blocks to ensure that the ceramics are tightly bonded. Our company’s alumina ceramics are mainly made of 92%, 95%, 97%, 99% and ZTA materials. Ceramic lined pipes can be customized according to customer needs, basically not limited by the size of the pipe, the diameter can be from 1″ to 120″ or even larger.


1. Wear resistance: 95% alumina ceramic sheet is used, 100 tons of dry pressing molding, which is 10 times more wear-resistant than ordinary pipes;

2. High pressure resistance: 20# integrated hot elbow is used to resist high pressure and avoid weld leakage;

3. Corrosion resistance: wear-resistant ceramics can resist acid and alkali corrosion;

4. Medium temperature resistance: It can run at 350℃ for a long time, and the general working conditions can be satisfied;

5. The inner wall is smooth: the steel parts are formed seamlessly, the inner wall is smooth, and the material can pass freely without hanging and blocking;

6. Reduce maintenance: super wear resistance greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance and saves costs;

7. Staggered seam pasting: The wrong seam pasting method is adopted along the flow direction of the medium to avoid the formation of grooves and gaps along the wind direction;

8. Easy to install: 1/3 lighter than ordinary pipes, easier and faster to install.

Product Process

Manufacturing  processesProcessing steps
Pipe bending processBending – Welding – Inspection – Polishing – Derusting
Wear-resistant ceramic processing flowBall Milling-Milling-Formulation-Forming-Firing-Quality Inspection
Wear-resistant ceramic installationInternal cleaning of the pipe – gluing the inner wall of steel parts – ceramic gluing – pasting – cleaning inside the pipe
Product InspectionPipe Flange Dimension Inspection – Weld Inspection – Pressure Inspection
Packing and shippingBubble film packing – wooden box or iron frame packing – delivery photos and videos available – ex-factory

Product Structure

ItemThicknessMaterialProduct Features
Steel tube5~10mm20# seamless pipeHigh strength, can resist high pressure
Viscose0.5~1mmEpoxy resinHigh-strength adhesive force, no aging, good thermal expansion
Ceramic5~10mm95% alumina ceramicsSuper wear-resistant, good toughness

Ceramic technical index

Alumina content≥95%
Density≥3.8 g/cm3
Rockwell hardness≥85 HRA
Compressive strength≥1500 MPa
Fracture toughness KΙC≥5MPa·m1/2
Bending strength≥330MPa
Thermal Conductivity20W/m.k
wear and tear≤0.0002g
Ceramic thickness5~10mm

Adhesive technical indicators

TypeCeramic-Steel Shear StrengthTensile strengthCoefficient of thermal expansionTemperature rangeColor
WD-30322.5MPa8 MPa9×10-6m/ m·K350℃cream color

Comparison of self-propagating wear of wear-resistant ceramics and centrifugal casting

IndexAlumina ceramic lined pipe elbowsCentrifugal casting of self-propagating composite ceramic pipes
Alumina content95% alumina60-80%
Measured hardness≥85HRAHRA60
wear and tear≤0.0002g(P=74N,N=800rpm,t=300min.)≤0.0025(P=74N,N=800rpm,t=300min.)
Compressive strength≥1500Mpa≤500Mpa
compactnessDry pressing, smooth and denseThere are many microscopic cracks, and the particles are large and loose
Erosion resistanceSmooth surface, smooth airflow, good erosion resistanceThere are many microscopic pores, which are easily eroded by airflow, especially fine powder.
Elbow forming processOverall hot bending forming, smooth inner wall, natural transitionThe straight pipe is welded in sections, the gap between the shrimps is large, and the transition is not smooth, leaving the hidden danger of wear and tear.
Service life (wear through)3-8 years or more0.6 – 2 years

Why choose Sunny Steel

-Strict quality assurance system

From product design, manufacturing to installation, it is fully incorporated into the ISO quality management system, each process is strictly implemented in accordance with the company’s procedures and specifications, and strict quality control ensures that each product meets customer requirements. Each product must pass quality inspection before leaving the factory. All new products undergo rigorous wear simulation experiments

-Perfect Service

Our company has a professional technical research and development team and has accumulated more than ten years of experience in equipment anti-wear. According to the on-site information provided by customers, from material selection, design to project budget, we analyze the causes of wear and tear, tailor-made anti-wear solutions, and provide design drawings.


We focus on communication with customers and accumulation of experience. Many of our new products are inspired by our customers. For more than ten years, Iberno has been focusing on equipment wear resistance. We have a professional team with rich experience engaged in new material research and development, friction and wear research and engineering design.


-Main Products: Wear-resistant ceramic sheet,Wear-resistant ceramic liner, Wear-resistant ceramic

composite pipe lining、Wear-resistant ceramic elbow (Lithium battery elbow), Wear-resistant ceramic

roller encapsulation, The whole equipment is lined with ceramics, Construction Machinery Parts-ceramic pump tube, ceramic transition sleeve.

-Samples: samples can be provided free of charge, but you are responsible for the freight.

-Ddlivery time:25-35 days. Some construction machinery (ceramic pump truck pipeline) are in stock.

-Shipping: We can ship the goods by air, express, sea, train or other ways according to your requirements, with pictures and videos of the shipped products.

-Packaging: Fumigation-free wooden box packaging and iron frame packaging, also according to customer requirements.

-After sales guarantee service: video technical support, online support and on-site construction service.