Backpack wear-resistant ceramic lined elbow-reinforced elbow

Backpack wear-resistant ceramic lined elbow is also called reinforced ceramic lined elbow. The most wear parts of the elbow is welded with a backpack. Our backpack ceramic lined elbow is based on the wear-resistant ceramic elbow, plus a layer of wear-resistant backpack. The special ceramic is installed on the inner wall of the pipeline with a high temperature resistant inorganic adhesive, and a firm anti-wear layer is formed after heating and solidification. Therefore, the wear-resistant ceramic backpack elbow has the double performance, which is suitable for more severely worn conditions.

Wear-resistant ceramic lined bend adopts a special design, so that after the last piece of a circle is embedded, a 360° mechanical self-locking force is formed between the ceramic tiles to ensure a tight ceramic bonding. The GWJ series adhesive used for pasting ceramics is a proprietary product jointly developed by our company and Tsinghua University. The adhesive has excellent adhesion to steel and ceramics; it has high strength and toughness; Heat resistance and aging resistance. It can be operated at a temperature of -50°C to 350°C for a long time.

Backpack wear-resistant ceramic lined elbow is generally used in pulverized coal transportation systems and dust removal systems in thermal power, steel, chemical, smelting, cement, etc.

Product features of Backpack wear-resistant ceramic lined elbow
Double wear resistant layers: The wear-resistant ceramic backpack elbow has double-layer anti-wear characteristics, using high-quality alumina ceramic, with hardness above HRA85, which is more than 10 times more wear-resistant than ordinary pipes.
High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance: It can be operated at 350℃ for a long time, and it is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and oxidation;
Anti-vibration and thermal expansion and contraction: The thermal expansion coefficient of viscose is between steel and ceramics, which can well adjust the extrusion of ceramics due to the inconsistency of thermal expansion between ceramics and steel; at the same time, a variety of flexible fibers are added to viscose, To ensure that the ceramics will not fall off for a long time under the environment of vibration and frequent thermal expansion and contraction.
Erosion resistance: it can resist the erosion of larger particles without breaking
The inner and outer walls are smooth, and the air flow is unobstructed: the smooth surface allows materials to pass freely without material hanging and blocking;
Easy installation: 1/3 lighter than ordinary pipes, easy to carry, save manpower, easier and faster to install, and can easily erect higher pipes;
Low cost: reduce the load of support and hanger equipment and save material costs;
Reduce maintenance: The super abrasion resistance greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance and saves costs and labor.