What are the maintenance methods for alumina ceramics?

Alumina ceramics have been widely used in many industries of the national economy because of their excellent performance. Do you know the maintenance methods of alumina ceramics?

  1. Pay attention to effective storage
    Because alumina ceramic is a pure ceramic material, it is necessary to pay attention to the effective use of packaging during storage to avoid moisture or the influence of various pollution sources in the air. Alumina ceramics need a relatively dry and well-ventilated environment Store in the middle and do a good job of moisture-proof work.
  2. Pay attention not to be hot and cold during processing
    Because alumina ceramic materials have good hardness and strength, but their performance will be affected by hot and cold processing, alumina ceramic manufacturers suggest that users should pay attention to maintaining a constant temperature during operation, and not cause product quality to be caused by hot and cold Problems are prone to cracks.
  3. Choose an effective processing method
    Although alumina has many advantages in use, it is also difficult to process. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the corresponding effective processing method to improve the processing efficiency and quality of the product. Alumina ceramics are characterized by high brittleness during processing, so grinding or cutting and laser heating should be selected for processing operations.