The specifications for ceramic tile lined chips

There are many clients who are concerned about the specification of ceramic lined tile sheet, because it is related to whether the ceramic chip purchased can be used.

Wear resistant ceramic lining is AL203 as the main material, with rare metal oxide as solvent, after more than 1700℃ high temperature roasting to special ceramic, embedded into rubber, polyurethane or mild steel for the purpose of low to moderate impact and highly abrasive sliding application.

Anti-corrosion service life.

Main performance indicators: The wear resistance of the ceramic work surface is more than 100 times that of manganese steel, 20 times that of high chromium cast iron, and several times to several dozen times higher than that of wear resistant rubber. Ceramic metal bonding strength up to 300kg/cm2 can be used up to 500°C.

Production details of the wear resistant alumina ceramic tiles

The use of equipment made of wear-resistant ceramics, the service life can be increased by more than five times, and the performance-cost ratio can be increased by more than three times.

Wear-resistant ceramic performance characteristics

  1. Hardness, general hardness is greater than HRA80, the highest can reach 92 or more.
  2. Excellent wear resistance: at least 200 of ordinary carbon steel and 10 times more than high chromium cast iron.
  3. Light weight: The specific gravity of alumina is generally only about 3.6, silicon carbide is about 2.7, and zirconia is about 6.
  4. Good heat resistance: The heat resistance of different wear-resistant ceramics is not the same, but it is used for particle-resistant scouring, and there is no problem in heat resistance.

Why Ceramic Coating?

  • Ceramic coating is used by the OE’s extensively on 2007 & newer exhaust.
  • Ceramic coating is recommended for parts that are exposed to extreme heat.
  • Ceramic coating is used inside of chrome stacks to reduce the outside temperature of the pipe.
  • Ceramic coating will increase the longevity of the chrome stack.
  • Ceramic coating produces more usable power.
  • Ceramic coating protects parts from thermal fatigue.