Ceramic tile lined pipe reducer

The ceramic tile lined pipe reducer is a new type of material produced by high-tech, with high hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, and other characteristics. Its advantages are light weight, high strength, and good toughness. This product is mainly suitable for conveying abrasive granular materials and powdery materials such as sand, gravel and coal slurry in mining, metallurgy, electric power, and other industries.

The ceramic tile lined pipe reducer can be used to connect pipes of different diameters, and the installation is convenient and reliable; due to its excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance, it can be widely used in the severely worn parts of the chute lining in the sintering system of iron and steel plants. 

Ceramic technical parameters

Mohs’ hardness9
Water Absorption (%)≤0.02

Application range

Power plant boiler pulverizing system pipeline, including powder conveying pipeline, coarse and fine powder separator pipeline, coal falling pipe, primary air duct, secondary air duct, tertiary air duct and burner duct of combustion system, ash and slag removal system Slag discharge pipeline, powder return pipeline, dry ash conveying pipeline;

Steel plant raw material conveying pipeline, receiving pipeline, dust removal pipeline, ash discharge pipeline, ash falling pipeline, batching mixing pipeline, grinding outlet pipeline, coal burning pipeline, pulverized coal pipeline, separator pipeline, burner square tube, etc.;

Cement plant separator outlet pipe, separator inlet pipe, dust collection pipe, vertical mill air outlet pipe, circulating air pipe, coal mill high temperature fan air pipe, blanking pipe and other worn elbows;

Various pipe fittings for processing and conveying materials in petroleum, chemical, mining, coal, coal washing plants, smelting, papermaking, aluminum industry, building materials, powder engineering, grain machinery, etc.