Alumina ceramic lining effectively protects the chute from abrasion

The impact of materials falling from high altitudes on the chute is large, which causes serious chute wear. In the past, manganese steel lining plates were generally used for wear prevention, which did not play a significant role. The wear is still very serious, and it will need to be replaced soon, leading to increased costs and affecting the efficiency of the factory. It is necessary to replace it with a more wear-resistant material, which requires a higher wear resistance.

Alumina ceramic is a kind of wear-resistant material, which is mainly made of aluminum oxide and fired for more than 1000 degrees. It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, high hardness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Its wear resistance is 266 times that of manganese steel. It can well resist the impact of materials. Using wear-resistant ceramics to replace manganese steel lining plates can prolong the service life of equipment by more than 10 times.

The aluminum oxide ceramic lining plate is welded inside the chute to form a solid anti-wear layer. The welding can prevent the ceramics from falling off easily and can better resist the impact of materials. The welded orifice plate is double fixed by an iron bowl and ceramic glue, which can work in an environment below 700 ℃ for a long time. It is suitable for anti-abrasion protection of steel plant hoppers, silos, chutes, coking plant chutes, cement plants, thermal power plant coal chutes, and other equipment.