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Characteristics and applications of hot extruded steel pipe

In recent years, the worldwide high-end seamless pipe market recovery and the country’s economic strength gradually increased, the hot extrusion production process of seamless steel pipe ushered in a new round of development opportunities.

Hot extruded pipe production process using hot extrusion method with three-stress deformation in the metal density is good, homogeneous, suitable for almost all varieties of steel production, particularly in the high-alloy steels difficult to deformation and various special-shaped production of the tube section has a special processing advantages. Hot extruded steel products because it has a performance advantage in the military, nuclear power, thermal power, aviation, mining, oil and petrochemical, and other key areas of the national economy and the high-end irreplaceable application prospects. Efforts to develop high-performance, high-tech and high value-added hot extruded pipe products, high-end steel pipe technology to promote national development and strengthening of comprehensive economic strength has far-reaching significance.

Hot extrusion process meets stringent product standards, widely used in military, nuclear power, petrochemical, and other cutting-edge areas of aviation and a variety of stainless steel tubes, high-quality high-temperature corrosion steel pipe, steel pipe and other steel titanium and titanium alloy products. These high-quality, high-precision, difficult deformation of specialty steel products, its production processes often require special smelting, casting, rolling, forging production and R & D capabilities, and includes cold rolling, heat treatment process including a series of tube processing capacity. Core areas of hot piercing and hot extrusion production process need to build a complete production line, a broad product line includes: pretreatment tube offline, online pre-heating and heating tube, inner tube, the outer surface of the glass powder lubrication after heat perforation / reaming, after reheating and the inner and outer surfaces of the glass powder lubricant into the hot extrusion process and thermal pressure I saw after cutting, hot extruded steel tube (long tube by heat Sawing online after) by a roller transported to the background, and then heat quenched or cooled in the cooling bed.

Depending on technical requirements for products, hot extruded pipe after production using continuous production process, but also through rolling, straightening, shot blasting, degreasing, pickling processes to deal with. And the need to set up a multi-level defect detection, complete finishing facilities, the use of computer control and management, in order to ultimately effectively ensure a variety of products to meet the process requirements and the absolute strict product quality standards.