Abrasion Resistant Pipe Elbows

Abrasion Resistant Pipe Elbows is also called wear resistant ceramic pipe or pipe lined with alumina ceramic. The hardness of aluminum ceramics is second only to diamond, and its service life is more than 15 times that of ordinary carbon steel pipes. The abrasion resistant pipe elbows is lined with ceramic and viscose with good chemical stability, and can operate normally under general acid and alkali conditions.

Ceramic technical parameters

Mohs’ hardness9
Water Absorption (%)≤0.02

Hydraulic conveying case

Steel Plantslag
thermal power plantslag
waste incinerationslag
mineIron powder, ore powder, coal powder, backfill tailings
chemical plantchemical plant
coal mineRaw coal, slime
Phosphate plantPhosphate ore
Sewage treatment plantsludge
Rolling mills, continuous casting plantsSintered material, rolling scrap

Pneumatic conveying case

Steel PlantSintered material, lime, pulverized coal, carbon
thermal power plantCoal powder, coke, furnace ash
waste incinerationIndustrial or domestic waste
aluminum plantSintered alumina, bauxite
cement plantLimestone, clinker, cement
Breweries, MalthousesHops, Malt, Rice
asbestos factorySawdust, Perlite, Stone Powder
smelterAsh, pulverized coal
Silicone FactoryQuartz powder, coal