What are the materials and uses of the wear-resistant pipe?

According to the different wear conditions, the wear-resistant straight pipe has different material selection.

The function of each material is different, at present there are mainly 4 kinds of materials, including ceramic composite pipe widely used. Materials should be selected according to specific conditions.

According to the pipe material, the wear-resistant tube is divided into the following categories:

SHS ceramic wear-resistant tube (ceramic composite pipe), used in coal washery, thermal power plant ash, steel mills, cement, etc. (the tube is widely used).

  1. Cceramic SMD wear-resistant pipe, used for conveying fly ash.
  2. Surfacing welding wear-resistant pipe, used for sea sand conveying.
  3. Bimetal high chromium alloy wear-resistant pipe, used for power plant pulverized coal.
  4. Ceramic ring wear-resistant tube for the delivery of silica fume.
  5. Rubber wear-resistant pipe, used in concentrator.
  6. Polyethylene wear-resistant pipe for pulp conveying.
  7. Cast-stone wear-resistant pipe for pulverized coal conveying.
  8. Ni-w alloy wear-resistant tube for high-temperature wear and tear transport.
  9. Liner plastic wear-resistant pipe, used for chemical water.