Galvanized steel clamp connection technology applications

Galvanized pipe is protected by zinc, so it is not easy to rust, galvanized steel pipe is lighter than seamless steel pipe, if it is used in the balcony, the best light with galvanized pipe, because seamless steel pipe is heavy with thick wall thickness, and the cost of seamless steel pipe is higher than galvanized steel pipe, as well as galvanized steel is durable, useful life is much more than a seamless pipe.

If the quality is excellent, using twenty years should not be an issue. Surface coated or hot dip galvanized welded steel pipe can enhance corrosion resistance and prolong life.

Galvanized steel pipe with corrosion-resistant, not easy to pollution the transmission medium, which is widely used in domestic water supply systems, fire water systems, heating systems and gas delivery systems. In order to ensure the transmission medium process requirements and corrosion requirements, galvanized steel connection technology, the most widely used method is threaded connection. Clamp connection method for large diameter pipe connected to the system with easy maintenance construction, fast, able to meet higher working pressure requirements for piping systems, piping installation of high quality, low requirements of the construction team, the small number of requirements, equipment and simple, the disadvantage is the cost of using a clamp connection fittings slight increase.

Threaded connection clamp connection technology and process shortcomings compare

1, during installation in pipe, a higher quality threaded threaded connection requirements, is more difficult threaded processing. After more than DN50 galvanized steel pipe specifications, especially for DN100, DN125, DN150 and other large-sized pipes, even to have the construction experience, high-level team of construction, installation and construction are more difficult, and this clamp connection method can overcome these difficult because only a pipe clamp connection butt, butt clamps, tighten the nut.

2, threaded connections, requiring high pressure piping systems is difficult to meet the requirements. In practice, for the operating pressure exceeds 1MPa piping system, using threaded connection, it is difficult to ensure that no leakage, but with clamp connection method can meet the installation requirements are relatively higher operating pressure piping systems.

3, threaded process connection pressure test of the entire system installed, or use, pipeline leak occurred after maintenance more difficult. Either a large area removal, replacement pipe fittings, pipes, or cut off the pipeline, with the welding tool repair. The former because a lot of demolished normal channels, thus greatly increasing the amount of maintenance work, while the latter uses a construction maintenance method specification is not allowed because of galvanized steel by welding, heat destroys the galvanized layer, so that the pipe joints at the long-term use may affect water quality, and even leaking, especially the fire sprinkler system. And for such shortcomings, clamp connection technology embodies a greater advantage. Such as certain pipe or a pipe leakage, simply connect the pipes, fittings at both ends of the clamp nut open, you can replace, very convenient, can greatly reduce installation engineering rework engineering, but also normal use can reduce the amount of maintenance work.

4, threaded pipe connections requiring high quality, especially for higher working pressure fire pipeline system, does not allow the tube trachoma, burrs and other defects threaded tolerance with the bad, but in the actual installation works, often due to pipe fittings amount of maintenance and rework caused by unqualified installation is very large, such as the use of this clamp connection technology, the entire piping system can significantly improve the quality of the installation.

5, install the necessary equipment and tools, threaded connection requires large-sized pipe wrench, chain wrench and twist wire machine, but you only need to pipe clamp connection technology equipment and general machining grooves end wrench to operate, relatively speaking , is much simpler.

6, the construction team technical quality requirements, threaded connection when applied to large diameter, high pressure piping systems, high technical level of construction workers, construction experience demands to meet the higher number, but with clamp connection technology, for the number of technical quality requirements of the construction workers are much lower, requiring less fit.

7, using a clamp connection pipe threaded connection time investment than the slightly more than the threaded connection clamp connection because in addition to the normal pipe clamps more than a cost, but reduces rework maintenance costs, so the total project cost to said little effect.