DIN 17175 Heat-resisting seamless steel tube

DIN17175 standard specification

DIN 17175 is designed for elevated temperature purposes, we mainly produce DIN 17175 ST35.8, DIN 17175 ST45.8, and 10CrMo910 steel pipes. DIN 17175 seamless steel pipes are widely used in heat exchange appliances. DIN 17175 alloy steel pipe is just a big class,and it has many classifications.


This standard applies to seamless tubes 1) including tubes for headers of heat-resistant steels according to Table 1 which are used in the construction of boilers, pipelines, pressure vessels and equipment for service up to 600∩ and at simultaneous high pressures, where the tototal stress and the relevant scaling conditions can raise or lower the temperature limit.

Designation and ordering

The code numbers for the grades of steel were formed in accordance with Sections and of the Explanations to DIN Normenheft 3, and the material numbers according to DIN 17 007 Part 2.

The code number or the material number for the steel grade shall be appended to the symbol for the product according to the following examples :

Example 1:

Designation of a seamless steel tubes of 38mm outside diameter and 2.6mm wall thickness according to DIN 2448 of steel St 35.8, material number 1.0385 :

Tabe DIN 2448 – sT 35.8 x 2.6

or Tabe DIN 2448 – 1.0305 – 38 x 2.6

5.3. The order shall not only specify the designation according to Section 5.2 but also in every case the desired total length and the desired acceptance inspection certificate and for unalloyed steel tubes also the steel grade. In addition, further details in compliance with the other Sections marked with a dot(≤) can be agreed at the time of ordering.

DIN 17175 steel pipes chemical compositions(%)


DIN17175 steel pipe mechanical properties

GradeYield Strength (Mpa)Tensile Strength (Mpa)Elongation(%)

DIN 17175 Steel Pipe for elevated temperatures chemical composition(%)

Sections marked with a dot(●) contain details on agreements which shall, or may be, reached at the time of ordering.
GradeMfg. ProcessCSiMnPSNiCrMoOthers
14MoV63S0.10-0.180.10-0.350.40-0.700.035Max0.035Max-0.30-0.600.50-0.70V : 0.22-0.32
X20CrMoV121S0.17-0.230.50Max0.40-0.700.030Max0.030Max0.30-0.8010.00-12.500.80-1.20V : 0.25-0.35

DIN 17175 Steel Pipe for elevated temperatures mechanical properties

Grade  Materia numberTensile Test MPa or N/mm2Remaks(Similar to JIS)Possibility Temperature
Min Yield pointTensile Strength
t 16Max16
St35.81.0305235225360-480Impact Test at Room Temp.kgf-m (STPT38)
St45.81.0405-245410-53023.5(STPT410, STB410)
13CrMo9101.7335295295440-59023.2(STPA22, STBA22)
10CrMo9101.738285285450-60023.2(STPA24, STBA24)

DIN 8528 Part 1 Weldability; metallic materials, definitions


Summary of heat-resisting steels for seamless tubes, their chamical composition (cast analysis) and colour designation of tubes (DIN 17175)
Steel gradeChemical composition in weight %Colour designa-tion 1)
Code numberMaterial numberCSiMnPSCrMoNiV
St 35.81.0306÷ 0.170.10 to 0.35 2)0.40 to 0.800.040.04white
St 45.81.0406÷ 0.210.10 to 0.35 2)0.40 to1.200.040.04yellow
17Mn 4 3)1.0481 3)0.14 to 0.200.20 to 0.400.90 to÷ 0.30red and black
19Mn 5 3)1.0482 3)0.17 to 0.22 4)0.30 to 0.601.00 to 1.300.040.04÷ 0.30yellow and brown
15Mn 31.54150.12 to 0.20 4)0.10 to 0.350.40 to 0.800.0350.0350.25 to 0.35yellow and carmine red
13CrMo 4 41.73350.10 to 0.18 4)0.10 to 0.350.40 to 0700.0350.0350.70 to 1.100.45 to 0.65yellow and shades or silver
10CrMo 9 101.7380.08 to 0.15÷ 0.500.40 to 0700.0350.0352.00 to 2.500.90 to 1.20red and green
14MoV 6 31.77150.10 to 0.180.10 to 0.350.40 to 0.700.0350.0350.30 to 0.600.50 to 0.700.22 to 0.32red and shades of silver
X20CrMoV 12 11.49220.17 to 0.23÷ 0.50÷ to 12.500.80 to 1.200.30 to 0.800.25 to 0.35blue

Mechanical properties of seamless of heat-resistant steels at room temperature

Steel gradeTensile strengthYield point 1), 2) for wall thickness in mmElongation at fravture (Lo = 5*do)Impact strength (DVM specimens 3) transverse J minimum
Code numberMaterial numberN/С÷16>16÷40>40÷50LongTrans-verse
N/С minimum% minimum
St 35.81.0305360 to 480235225215252334
St 45.81.0405410 to 530255245235211927
17 Mo 41.0481460 to 580270270260232134
19 Mo51.0482510 to 610310310300191734
15 Mo 31.5415450 to 600270 4)270260222034
13CrMo 4 41.7335440 to 590290 4)290280222034
10CrMo 9 101.738450 to 600280280270201834
14MoV 6 31.7715460 to 610320320310201841
X20CrMoV 12 11.4922690 to 840490490490171434 5)
1) For tubes of ÷ 30mm outside diameter and ÷ 3mm wall thickness the minimum values are by 10N/П lower.

2) For > 60mm wall thickness, the values of tubes from the steels St 35.8, St 45.8, 17Mn 4, 19Mn 5, 15Mo 3 and 14MoV 6 3 are subject to agreement; for wall thicknesses >60 to ÷ 80mm a minimum value of 270N/П or 260N/П applies fot tubes from the steels 13CrMo 4 4 and 10CrMo 9 10 and a minimum value of 490N/П for tubes from the steel X20CrMoV 12 1.

3) When testing longitudinal specimens (see Section 8.5.3) theminimum impact strength is 14J higher.

4) A 15N/П higher minimum value applies for ÷ 10mm wall thicknesses.

5) For hot extruded tubes the minimum value falls to 27J.