Advantages of Ceramic lined pipe

Ceramic Liner pipe is a high technology production technology-self-fuel high temperature clutch synthesis method.

Ceramic Liner Composite pipe is a high technology production technology-self-fuel high temperature clutch synthesis method. The tube is composed of corundum ceramics, transition layer and steel three layers respectively from inside to outside, the ceramic layer is formed dense corundum porcelain (Al2O3) at high temperature above 2,200 ℃, and the steel pipe is formed firmly by the transition layer.

The advantages of Ceramic lined pipe

  1. Good abrasion resistance

Ceramic lined pipe due to the inner lining of corundum ceramic (A-al2o3), the Mo hardness of up to 9.0 of the equivalent HRC90. Therefore, the metallurgical, electric power, mining, coal and other industries to transport the grinding medium has high wear resistance. The industrial operation confirms that its wear-resisting life is 10 times times or even dozens of times times that of quenched steel.

  1. Small Operation resistance

corundum ceramic wear-resistant tube in the inner surface of smooth, and never rust, nor like seamless steel tube inside the surface has convex spiral. After testing the internal surface roughness and water resistance characteristics of the testing units, the smoothness of the inner surface is superior to any metal pipe, the resistance coefficient is 0.0193, slightly lower than the seamless pipe.

3, corrosion resistance, anti-scaling

Because the steel ceramic layer is (A-al2o3), it is a neutral trait. Therefore, with acid and alkali resistance and seawater corrosion, and at the same time with anti-scaling and other characteristics.

  1. High temperature resistance and heat-resisting performance

The corundum ceramic (A-al2o3) is a single stable crystalline structure. Therefore, the composite pipe can operate in the -50–700℃ temperature range for a long time. Material linear expansion coefficient 6-8×10-6/0c, about 1/2 of steel pipe.

  1. Low construction cost

corundum ceramic wear-resistant tube light weight, the price is suitable. The casting pipe with the same inner diameter is lighter than 50% and lighter than that of the wear-resistant alloy tube 20–30%.

  1. Convenient installation and construction

Because of the light weight of the tube, and good welding performance. Therefore, welding, flange, rapid connection and so on, construction and installation is convenient.

  1. Ceramic lined pipe with the traditional steel pipe, wear-resistant alloy cast steel pipe, cast stone pipe as well as steel plastic, steel rubber pipe, etc. have essential differences. The outer layer of ceramic steel pipe is steel, and the inner is corundum. The Vickers hardness of corundum layer is as high as 100-1500 (Rockwell hardness is 90-98), which is equivalent to tungsten cobalt hard gold. The wear resistance is more than 20 times times higher than carbon steel pipe, it is superior to the corundum grinding wheel which is usually bonded.

Now the corundum grinding wheel is still the main grinding wheel of the grinding mill. The corundum layer in the ceramic steel tube can wear away the corundum grinding wheel. The abrasion resistance of ceramic steel tube is mainly by the inner layer of several millimeters thick corundum layer, its Morse hardness is 9, second only to diamond and SIC, in all oxides, its hardness is the highest.