Wear resistant ceramics

Lithium battery raw material conveying pipelines are seriously worn by the wind powder mixture, especially the elbows because the airflow changes the flow direction on the elbows, and the wear on the outside of the elbows is very serious. The integral wear resistant ceramics have smooth inner and outer walls, smooth airflow, extremely low wear, and good pressure resistance, and have the characteristics of super wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance. At the same time, the wear resistant ceramics lining elbow is a non-metallic lining material with ultra-high hardness.

It can effectively block the contact between the powder and iron and other harmful substances, and reduce the content of iron and other impurities in the positive electrode material, thereby improving the safety performance of the battery. Our company recommends wear resistant ceramics to be lined with alumina ceramic pipes.

Product Features

The wear resistant ceramics produced by our company are 95% alumina ceramics, which are made of 95% high-quality aluminum oxide powder through hot die casting and then sintered at 1700 ℃, so as to form a very dense sintered material and significantly improve the wear resistance of alumina ceramics.

Product Process

This kind of pipeline is composed of three layers of steel parts, viscose, and ceramics. The steel parts are made of 304 stainless steel pipes. The ceramics have adhered to the inner wall of the steel parts with high-strength viscose. After heating and curing, a firm anti-wear layer is formed. The temperature is below 150℃. It does not age or fall off for long-term operation in a high-quality environment. Its life span is more than 4~5 times that of ordinary pipelines.

Product Structure

ItemthicknessmaterialProduct Features
Steel tube3~5mm304 stainless steelHigh strength, smooth inside
Viscose2~3mmEpoxy resinLong-term operation at 150℃ high temperature does not age, good thermal expansion, strong adhesion
Ceramic5~15mm95% alumina ceramicsHigh density, super wear resistance, good toughness

Product advantages

Wear resistance: under the same conditions, it is 4~5 times more wear resistant than ordinary pipes;

Corrosion resistance: ceramic lining can resist acid and alkali corrosion;

Resistant to medium temperature: It can be operated at 150℃ for a long time, and the general working conditions can be satisfied;

Smooth inner wall: the smooth surface allows materials to pass freely without material hanging and blocking;

Easy to install: Its density is 3.8g/cm3, less than half that of steel,1/3 lighter than ordinary pipes, easy to handle, saves manpower, easier and faster to install, and can easily erect higher pipes;

Reduced maintenance: super abrasion resistance greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance and saves costs and labor costs, reduce the load of support and hanger equipment and save material cost;

High hardness: Rockwell hardness is HRA85~88, the hardness is second only to diamond.

Ceramic technical index

Alumina content≥95%
Density≥3.8 g/cm3
Rockwell hardness≥85 HRA
Compressive strength≥1200 MPa
Fracture toughness KΙC≥5MPa·m1/2
Bending strength≥330MPa
Thermal Conductivity20W/m.k
Ceramic thickness5~15mm

Adhesive technical indicators

ExteriorMilky white viscous fluid
Hardness (Shore D)80
Shear strength (Mpa)15
Operating temperature range (℃)-40~150