Embedded Finned Tube

What is embedded finned tube?

Embedded Fin tubes also called G type Finned tube. Embedded finned tube provides a perfect connection between the fin and the tube. The Embedded Fin tubes main design is that through professional equipment groove the tubes and fin insert fins into the helical groove. Finally combined the fin and tube as integral. Embedded Fin tubes can be used in higher temperatures and are very durable. Embedded fin tubes are best suited for the usages that involve high thermal cycling or high temperatures and where the fin side will be subjected to regular cleaning. 

Whats the embedded finned tube applications?

Embedded finned tube common applications as: Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, Steam Coils, Air Preheaters.

Embedded finned tube main characteristic

1. Embedded finned tube Max. Working Temperature:  400 °C

2. Embedded finned tube Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance: OK

3. Embedded finned tube Mechanical Resistance: Poor

4. Fin and bare tubes connect tight than normal tension wound on edge fin type

Embedded finned tubes offer solutions where higher temperatures, continuous thermal cycling and tube vibration due to high velocity air streams can cause failures. The fin is mechanically embedded into a groove that is plowed in the tube O.D. and is locked into place by rolls that force the groove to tightly close around the fin base. Embedded finned tubes are commonly used in applications with metal temperatures up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

In order to forward you a promt offer we would be pleased to receive you detailed enquiry including:

• Base tube material 

• Base tube size (OD x WT x Length)

• Fin material

• Fin type

• Fin diameter or height

• Fin thickness

• Fins per inch, meter or fin pitch

• Lenght of plain, unfinned ends

• Finned Tube Quantity

(Additional fabrication, such as bend or weld the tubes into tubeplate or assembly)