Ceramic lined hose

Compared with ordinary natural rubber hose, the Ceramic Lined Hose is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life, and is currently the product with better wear resistance in the market. It also increases the wear resistance coefficient of the hose. It is widely used in electric power, steel mills, power plants, paper mills and sand suction ships. In addition, it is more flexible than ordinary hose and can be bent into the shape you want. Easy and fast installation, no complicated steps are required, saving time and effort.

Product features:

1. Good high temperature resistance: wear-resistant ceramic itself has the ability to withstand high temperature above 1400 degrees Celsius. It is reasonable in design. Using different composite methods, the Ceramic Lined Hose is suitable for continuous and uninterrupted working environment, and will not decrease pipe usage time due to temperature rise. 

2. Good flexibility: It has good flexibility, the product is easy to bend, and the cost performance is high, which can save the cost and time of maintenance and material replacement.

Product structure

The ceramic-lined flexible hose is manufactured by a high-tech production process, a self-propagating high-temperature vulcanization synthesis process. The tube is composed of corundum ceramics, transition layer, and glue line reinforcement from the inside to the outside. The lined ceramics are uniform, dense and smooth, and the running resistance is small.

Wear resistance: wear resistance is 10 times that of ordinary steel pipes and more than 20 times that of ordinary rubber pipes

Flexible: the cylindrical sheet-shaped ceramic lining has large-angle bending, soft and flexible

Installation connection method: flange, quick connector and other connection methods

Specifications and technical parameters


Requirements for technical parameters of rubber-lined porcelain hose

Lining material: 95% lead oxide ceramic

Outer tube material: EPDM rubber

Ceramic size: diameter 7mm, thickness 3mm ceramic cylinder

Rockwell hardness≥85HRA


Cold pressed strength: ≥850MPa

Bending strength: ≥290MPa

Wear resistance: (P=76Nn=800rpm/min t=30min)≤0.0002g