Wear abrasion stainless ceramic pipes

The wear abrasion stainless ceramic pipes adopt isostatic pressing technology to burn the ceramic as a whole and then pour it into the steel pipe to form a combination. The outer tube material of the overall ceramic ring tube is made of 316 or 304 stainless steel, and the wear abrasion stainless ceramic pipes are lined with a ceramic ring. Modeling, pressing, molding, and firing is carried out according to the curvature of the elbow. The installation method is simple, and the surface is smooth and seamless after installation. It is mainly used in the lithium battery industry.

The transportation of positive and negative materials for lithium batteries has high requirements for the sealing and metal isolation of pipelines. The pipelines are lined with alumina ceramics, which can effectively reduce metal pollution. 

Advantages of lithium battery ceramic pipelines:

1. The wear abrasion stainless ceramic pipes have excellent wear resistance: the conveyed material will not be polluted by abrasion, mixing, or oxidation and the hardness can reach HRA90

2. The inner wall is smooth, with no hanging material and no sticking material, the smooth surface can achieve good material fluidity and avoid logistics blockage.

3. Anti-erosion: It can resist the erosion of larger particle materials without breaking, and has a long service life.

Technical parameters

Content of alumina≥92%≥95%
Density≥3.6 g/cm3>3.8g/cm3
Rockwell A hardness≥82HRA≥85HRA
Impact strength≥1200 MPA≥1500 MPA
Fracture toughness≥3.8MPa·m1/2≥4.0MPa·m1/2
Vickers hardness≥1150HV10≥1200HV10
Bending Strength≥290MPa≥330MPa

What is Ceramic Pipe Sleeve?

The ceramic ring-lined ceramic composite pipe is assembled by firing the ceramic pipe as a whole and pouring it inside the steel pipe with a special filling material. The inner wall of the pipe is smooth, the sealing performance is good, and it has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. However, this kind of product has a long production cycle and high cost.

Under the same conditions, it is 10 times more wear-resistant than ordinary pipes. The overall ceramic lining can resist strong acid and alkali corrosion and can resist the erosion of large particle materials without breaking. The inner and outer walls are smooth, the airflow is smooth, and the smooth surface allows materials to pass freely. The situation of material hanging and blocking does not occur. Easy to install: 1/3 lighter than ordinary pipes, easy to carry, save manpower, easier and faster to install, and can easily erect pipes higher; reduce the load of support and hanger equipment, save material costs; reduce maintenance, super strong The wear resistance greatly reduces the frequency of maintenance, saving costs and labor costs.

Our Advantages

1. The manufacturing process of the one-piece wear-resistant alumina ceramic pipes meets the ISO9001 standard.

2. We can provide customers with free samples and deliver them within 24 hours

3. The fast delivery time is 25-30 days

4. Provide OEM and buyer-label service.

5. High quality, competitive price, excellent service

Ceramic sleeve-lined Pipe instructions

Construction process: surface cleaning→mechanical derusting→cleaning→gluing→pasting→trimming. The ceramic pipe is lined with a strong anti-wear layer to resist the erosion, wear and corrosion of the mixed airflow, and greatly extend the service life of the pipe.

Product material: the shell material is 304/316 seamless pipe, the lining is corundum ceramic sleeve with 95% AL2O3 content, and the adhesive is high-strength adhesive.

Design parameters: design pressure ≤ 1.6MPa

Suitable operating medium: gas-coal powder mixture or slurry with particle size less than 10mm

Normal operating temperature -50°C—400°C

Installation, operation, and maintenance: During the installation, commissioning and use of this product, heavy knocking, collision, and throwing are strictly prohibited, and it must be handled with care to prevent damage to the lining ceramic layer.

The maximum temperature resistance of the ceramic-lined bonding material is 350°, and its bonding force may be affected if it is operated at overheating for a long time. If welding is required, in order to avoid the high temperature generated during welding from burning out the glue, please ensure that the welding part is at least 30mm away from the ceramic layer, and the connection method is a flange connection or welding connection.

The hardness of the pipeline with the integral ceramic ring is relatively high, and further cutting and processing should be avoided as much as possible. If it is really necessary to cut, it should be cut with a diamond grinding wheel. Please pay attention to distinguishing the inlet and outlet sections of the pipe fittings during installation. If the specifications of the pipe fittings allow both ends to be used interchangeably, if there is large wear and tear after running for a period of time, the two ends can be replaced and assembled for use.

Packing and shipping

1. According to the product size of the one-piece wear-resistant alumina ceramic pipes, the company has special personnel to design and customize the packaging according to the drawings.

2. The packaging forms include fumigation-free wooden boxes and iron shelf packaging. The packaging method is selected according to the weight and structure of the product.

3. The label will be affixed on the outside of the package.

4. The outside of the product or wooden box will be packaged with bubble film or cling film, in order to prevent rust and not be wet by rain

5. The relevant inspection reports or shipping lists of the goods will be sent with the goods or sent to customers in electronic form.